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PressPixx is a digital pressroom that connects press and brands by offering them an independent platform to meet.

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To measure is to know. We offer Brands insights in indispensable data, without sharing personal information about the press.

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Easy access for everyone. Whether you’re a brand owner, journalist, freelancer, influencer, blogger, an agency or content creator.

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Say goodbye to expired download links and get the latest content of all our brands any time you want.

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Our brand content is reliable and on-demand available from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

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PressPixx is host to countless inspiring Brands that offer high-res exclusive content to be used for media placements.

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Get indispensable data about your PR results

Increase the impact of your brand awareness by sharing your exclusive brand content with hundreds of press users. Whether you have a start-up brand and want to use our pressroom as a stepping stone into the lucrative world of PR marketing or if you already actively practice PR marketing and want to use your brand page to easily grant press access to premium content for their editorials.

PressPixx is here to to contribute to your brand’s succes by extending PR efforts beyond the traditional status quo and by offering matching real time analytics about your results. Setup your brand page today and get the awareness your brand deserves.

Reviews by our Brands

What do our Brands
Say about us?

“What a great and efficient way to reach the Press! For small brands, it’s essential that we reach the right people for press coverage. We rely a lot on the PR knowledge of PR companies but we simply cannot always afford them. This is great! Cost efficient, effective and very reliable”
Kristina Cueva
"We love PressPixx. The pressroom that has been developed works very well and looks fresh. The press can easily and quickly find the products they want to include in their media placements. And we are enthusiastically included in the press for FREE!
A win-win for everyone."
"Wij bij Geurwolkje werken graag met PressPixx. De pressroom die ontwikkelt is werkt erg fijn en overzichtelijk. De pers kan makkelijk en snel de producten vinden die zij zelf graag mee willen nemen in hun publicatie. En wij worden gratis op een enthousiasme manier meegenomen in de pers. Een winst -winst voor iedereen. :)"

For Press

one stop, go-to pressroom

After more than two decades of experience in both PR marketing and media creation we understand the frustrations that come with getting the right high-res images and essential information for the creation of quality media content. Therefore we decided to create an independent online digital pressroom that is always up to date with the latest content and information on all our brands. Images are high-resolution, print quality and on-demand available for download any time of the day from anywhere in the world.

It’s just that easy and totally free to use!


Browse a brand

Just login (or register first) and select a brand to view all of the available content.


take your pick

Download high-res images one by one, a selection at the time or all at once.


download quick

Your high-res downloads are instantly available to you for direct use.

Reviews by Press

What does Press say?

PressPix is ​​easy to use, with countless inspiring brands and links that never expire.
Georgette Koning
chief editor Mirror Mirror
PressPix is eenvoudig in gebruik, met talloze inspirerende merken en links die nooit verlopen.
Georgette Koning
hoofdredacteur Mirror Mirror
PressPixx is a fast, clear and simple way to search images for productions. Also outside office hours.
Esther Muller
Freelance Journalist and Editor
PressPixx is een snelle, overzichtelijke en eenvoudige manier om beeld te zoeken voor producties. Ook buiten kantoortijden.
Esther Muller
Freelance Journalist en redacteur

Who are we?

PressPixx has a deep understanding of how PR marketing works and is not just contributing and facilitating on existing conditions, but committed to challenge the status quo by breaking regular boundries that are set in a non-tech-savvy industry.

Also we are the first and only online pressroom that offers real time, result driven, indispensable data about your Brands’ PR efforts!