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We know PR marketing

PressPixx is shaped by more than two decades of experience in both PR marketing and media creation. We understand the frustrations that come with getting the right high-res images and essential information for the creation of quality media content. Therefore we bring press and brands together in our digital pressroom to help them in their aspirations to deliver great media to the public.

Online digital pressroom

High-res, on-demand downloads

Our digital pressroom is easy to use. It’s always up to date with the latest content of all our brands, including the right press contacts, website/webshop and information about the brand. All images are high-resolution, print quality and on-demand available for download any time of the day from anywhere in the world.

Independent one stop, go-to pressroom

PressPixx is not affiliated to, nor exclusively maintained by, any specific marketing agency. We want to offer brand owners the freedom to deliver their premium content on-demand to the press in the best possible way. At their turn press can use our digital pressroom as a one stop, go-to source for high-res product shots and all PR related questions.

Are you press?

Are you a journalist, freelancer, influencer, blogger, an agency or content creator and need great content for your media placements? PressPixx is a free to use online digital pressroom for downloading on-demand, exclusive brand content from a wide selection of brands.

It’s easy to register and you can start downloading immediately. It only takes a few minutes.

Own a brand?

Are you a brand owner looking to increase your brand awareness by sharing your exclusive brand content with hundreds of press users? PressPixx is here to help you increase your visual footprint and add to your brand’s succes. If you already work with a PR agency, just add them as your press contact and let them share your brand page url in their communications for a quick and direct link to all your content.

Setup your brand page today and get the awareness your brand deserves.