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PressPixx is a digital pressroom that connects press and brands by offering them an independent platform to meet.

powerful analytics

To measure is to know. We offer Brands insights in indispensable data, without sharing personal information about the press.

Easy to use

Easy access for everyone. Whether you’re a brand owner, journalist, freelancer, influencer, blogger, an agency or content creator.

up to date

Say goodbye to expired download links and get the latest content of all our brands any time you want.

24/7 access

Our brand content is reliable and on-demand available from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

Inspiring brands

PressPixx is host to countless inspiring Brands that offer high-res exclusive content to be used for media placements.

All exclusive brand content in one place

PressPixx is not affiliated to, nor exclusively maintained by, any specific marketing agency. Instead we support every brand that practices some level of PR by offering this easy to use digital pressroom to assist them in delivering their premium content on-demand to the press.

No need to look any further when you’re at the right place right?!

Why PressPixx?

Easy to use pressroom

High-res product shots and go-to press contacts for sample requests or extra information are easily accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. All without the disadvantages of expired download links, content overkill, inability to reach the right contact or tediously hopping from one agency to the other to get packshots from different products and brands for your editorial pieces. Also vaguely managed and puzzling Google Drives and Dropboxes are a thing of the past with PressPixx. Using our digital pressroom saves you a lot time and hassle so that you can focus on creating good content for your respective media, while never having to worry about tight deadlines ever again.

And maybe even enjoy an extra large latte in peace…


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Just login (or register first) and select a brand to view all of the available content.


take your pick

Download high-res images one by one, a selection at the time or all at once.


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Your high-res downloads are instantly available to you for direct use.

Reviews by Press

What do your colleagues
Say about us?

PressPix is ​​easy to use, with countless inspiring brands and links that never expire.
Georgette Koning
chief editor Mirror Mirror
PressPix is eenvoudig in gebruik, met talloze inspirerende merken en links die nooit verlopen.
Georgette Koning
hoofdredacteur Mirror Mirror
PressPixx gives you quick and easy acces to a variety of brands. And it’s very complete: images, prices, information about the brands, it’s all there in one pressroom.
Astrid Telkamp
Freelance Journalist and Editor
PressPixx geeft snel en eenvoudig toegang tot verschillende merken. En het is heel compleet: afbeeldingen, prijzen, informatie over de merken, het staat er allemaal in één pressroom.
Astrid Telkamp
Freelance Journalist en redacteur

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