Frequently Asked Questions


PressPixx brings press and brands together in one easy to use online pressroom – and helps them in their goal to deliver top-notch media to the public. The transparent and independent way.

PressPixx offers brand owners the freedom to deliver their premium content to the press in the best possible way, without having to pay a hefty fee. As well as a one stop, go-to online source for high-res product shots and all PR related info for press.

Absolutely. And an independent PR platform at that. Through PressPixx, you can proudly showcase your brand, latest news, events and products to over 370 press users. And not only that: we also provide you with real-time analytics for maximum insight in your PR efforts. Unique in a not-so-tech-savvy industry!

No, we work exclusively for press and brands. If you’re a journalist, freelancer, influencer, blogger, content creator or an agency, you’re required to fill out your press affiliation. If you’re a brand, you’re required to fill out your website and chamber of commerce ID. We double-check every account to make sure you’re the real deal. But don’t worry, we don’t share any personal info about you as press with our brands.

You definitely should! PressPixx can help you achieve better PR results. And you get real-time analytics to back it up!

PressPixx focuses primarily on the Dutch and Belgian market. In the future, we expect to expand to Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain and other European countries. However, nothing prevents us from being available to the press in other European countries. So if you want to use PressPixx for another country, it is absolutely possible. Simply use the link to your brand page in all your communications to the press.

PR Marketing

PR marketing, also known as public relations marketing, is a strategic communication process aimed at building and maintaining a positive public image for a brand or organization. It involves various activities such as creating press releases, organizing events, developing relationships with media outlets, and engaging with the target audience through social media platforms. The primary objective of PR marketing is to establish a favorable perception of the brand, enhance its reputation, promote products and ultimately influence public opinion and consumer behavior in a way that benefits the organization.

Of course! PR is not magic and every brand, no matter their size or budget, can start with PR marketing to boost their brand awareness.

Interested in what we can do for you? Check out our “For brands” page or send us an email.

Yes, Public Relations (PR) is important for a company because it helps build and maintain relationships with stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, and the general public. PR can help enhance the reputation of a company, increase brand awareness, and promote its products or services to the target audience.

Wrong! There are PR marketing options for every budget, small or big. It’s our goal to provide good PR marketing for every brand without charging hefty fees.

Curious how we do it? Check our “About us” page.

Compared to advertising, PR marketing can be a more cost-effective way for organizations to promote themselves. While advertising often requires a large financial investment, PR marketing relies on building relationships with journalists and leveraging press opportunities.


For just €110 a month (annual contract) or €1188 yearly (10% discount), you can upload as many PR images as you need, which are available to press 24-7. We regularly notify our press users through email of your new content. Plus, you get real time insight in your PR results through your analytics dashboard. And tips and tricks from our seasoned PR specialists to boot!

PressPixx has no trial period. However we do offer a 14-days reflection period.

Our service consists of your very own pressroom and image bank. You can enter your information and press contacts on your brand page. And most importantly: upload your high-res images. After you upload your images, these will be available 24-7 to our press users. We will notify them by email of your new content as a pressroom service at no extra cost. We’re happy to provide support in case you need help, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

It’s simple. You register your brand, set up your brand page, and upload your press images. Subsequently, the press can easily find you by logging into their free account. On your brand page, press discovers your press images, press contacts, website URL and brand information – without you having to do anything extra or pay anything extra for your PR marketing.

First of all: PressPixx is an independent PR platform. So we care about your brand and PR results – not about the mystery, affiliations and glamour that comes with a press marketing agency more often than not. Second of all, our platform serves as a 24-7 accessible, one-stop pressroom to press. Great as a standalone platform for your PR, but it also amplifies existing PR efforts. Your visibility will blow up while you can focus on other tasks, so your brand is sure to expand!

Your brand page holds real-time analytics. That means your data is always up to date. You can discover the dates and number of times your content was downloaded. We also show what media titles downloaded your content (without revealing personal information of course). You can track how well your PR efforts compare to one another in graphs too. This way, you get an insight in which media titles you can expect a publication and which images are popular. Use it to your advantage!

Yes you can! However, we are not an email marketing platform like Mailchimp, Drip, Mailerlite and such. We can write and send out a press release for you to our contacts, using your brand page deeplink and your contact information for the press. You pay an extra fee per press release.

When you are ready to be publicly visible (Brand info, Contact info and images are all set and done), you will get a spot in our “What’s new” mailing to the press. This is a frequent mailing from PressPixx notifying and activating the press to check out new brands, products, releases and download them for their editorials.

As with any marketing, you need to actively do PR marketing to generate attention. However, PressPixx also generates (what we call) “passive” attention for your brand by just being available in the pressroom, due to cross-fertilization and specific needs for specific editorials. Also new products, rebranding, or anything of the sort will get extra attention in our “What’s new” mailing to the press. And you can always take the effective and traditional approach to send out a press release, either via PressPixx or a PR agency. And always use your brand page link in all your communications with the press.

The start for SS24 starts at the end of October. It is therefore important that you present your new collection to the press on time via a press release.

Share your press clippings with your stakeholders like customers, employees, investors, and the general public. Use every medium at your disposal including Social Media, website, newsletters and distribute them at events and fairs.

No. You only pay for your PressPixx account once a year. This includes all available and future features and unlimited downloads by press users.

Brand page

Yes! After signing up as a brand and using your brand page deeplink in your press release, you get real-time insights in how well your press releases do. You can view which magazines or other press outlets downloaded your content. These analytics provide indispensable data, which you can use to your advantage. As we like to say: to measure is to improve!

Register your brand, log in to your dashboard and set it up (if you haven’t done so already). It’s easy and quick. On your dashboard, you can upload your images one by one or in groups by selections or by using drag-and-drop. Press the upload-button and ta-dah! You’ve just updated your brand content.

You can upload Jpeg/jpg, and Png files to your PressPixx brand page.

In general: just upload the largest size you have. The bigger the better! We recommend A4 and over (at 300dpi this equates to 2480 pixels x 3508 pixels (print resolution). To increase the chance of downloads, you should upload a minimum of 12mb (at 300dpi) for cutout images and a minimum of 25mb for full-page spreads. This way you guarantee happy press and great editorials!

On average the press works three months in advance on their productions. For some weekly magazines it can be a shorter time span. So it is wise to check the magazine your brand content is expected in, in the timeframe you expect it. If you’re uncertain, don’t worry we keep an eye out for media clippings too.

Press & pressroom

No need for scouring Drive folders for pics or expired download links. Simply log into your press account, and immediately download a plethora of high-res press release images. Any time, any place, and totally free.

If you’re press, you know the frustration that comes with getting the right high-res images you need for your production. In our online pressroom, you find brands and all of their brand content as high quality downloads. Free, easy to use and accessible 24-7. Simply sign up and get that editorial done in a jiffy! Did we mention it’s free?

Yep. Just sign up for free, verify your account, and you’re ready to go!

If you’re a journalist, freelancer, influencer, blogger, content creator or an agency, you can easily gain free press access here.

Downloading images from our pressroom is very easy. Just log in to your press account (or register first), select the brand you want to download from and click DOWNLOAD to download specific images one at a time.

Downloading images in bulk from our pressroom is very easy. Just log in to your press account (or register first), select the brand you want to download from and click on the images you want to download. On the bottom of the screen you can now click Download All Selected Images to download a zip file containing your selected images. Selecting all is also possible.

Note that it might take some time to download the zip file, since these images are high-res print quality. Patience is your friend.

When you have a question about a brand it’s best to contact the given press contact in the tab Press Contacts on the brand page of the brand you have a question about.

Not sure? Just send us your query on and we’ll make sure it gets to the right person.

Yes, we urge every brand to upload the largest images they have. The bigger the better! We recommend a print resolution of 300dpi.

Sure! If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can easily request a new password by clicking on “Forgot your password?


We don’t offer a demo version. However, we have a 14-days reflection period during which you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Yes, PressPixx offers a monthly subscription option for our annual contracts, which is facilitated through SEPA direct debit. Opting for annual billing provides a 10% discount.

We are constantly improving PressPixx with new features and better service, which might also lead to pricing changes, as well as different plans and offerings.

No, you will continue to pay the same price as when you first purchased your PressPixx account. If you cancel your subscription, or wish to purchase a new one, you will need to purchase it at the current price.

If your subscription expires, you will not be able to continue paying the old price and will need to purchase a new subscription at the current price.

If your PressPixx account expires and you choose not to renew after our reminders, the following actions will take place:

  • Your brand page will be suspended and not available to press.
  • You will have 60 days from the expiration date to renew your account. You can renew your account instantly by paying the according invoice. After you renew, your brand page will be unsuspended and available again for press.
  • At 60 days after the expiration date, if you have not renewed your account your brand page, media files and all other data will be deleted.

We always recommend paying your invoice on time to prevent this from happening and be continuously available for press.

Our press release costs are € 500 per press release. Press releases through PressPixx are only available for active clients that already have an active account on our PR platform.

Absolutely not. The subscription price is charged annually or monthly. And other services, like press releases, are charged per service.

Currently we do not charge extra for more media usage, however in the future, we might consider charging extra for overage.

You’ll be notified at least a month in advance before we put such a policy into effect. And the threshold will be higher than 100 images.

Sign up as press

Are you a journalist, freelancer, influencer, blogger, content creator or an agency, in need of great content for your media placements? Look no further. PressPixx is an online pressroom for downloading on-demand, exclusive brand content from a wide selection of brands. Free to use, accessible 24-7.

It’s easy to register and you can start downloading immediately. It only takes a few minutes. Did we mention it’s totally free?

Register your brand

Are you looking to increase your brand awareness? PressPixx is here to help you increase your visual footprint and add to your brand’s success. If you already work with a PR agency, just add them as your press contact and let them share your brand page URL in their communications for a quick and direct link to all your content.

Set up your brand page today, upload your high-res images and get the awareness your brand deserves.